Equinox Algorave: Terminal --Void and _darch (20/03/2020)

EulerRoom Equinox: Terminal --Void and _darch (22/03/2020)

Cybernated I: Terminal --Void and _darch (28/03/2020)

Cybernated II: .pattern and _darch / Terminal --Void and _darch (04/04/2020)

Cybernated III: Terminal --Void (18/04/2020)

Cybernated III: .pattern (18/04/2020)

Upcomming events

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Past events

  • Day: Friday 20 March
    Hour: 16:00-22:00
    Location: Metanoia, København N
    Equinox Algorave + Live Coding Workshop by LCCC
    More info
  • Day: Saturday 22 February
    Hour: 21:00-23:00
    Location: Støberiet, København N
    BYOB: _darch, .pattern, Terminal Void
    More info
  • Day: Saturday 11 January
    Hour: 13:00-17:00
    Location: KEA Lygten, København NV
    Algorave and Live Coding Workshop Weekend at KEA
    More info at Facebook and